Planting System

The Martin-Till® Planting System has proven itself in no-till and minimum-till fields around the world, saving farmers time, trouble and money while maximizing seed emergence, stand development and yields. It’s one reason why Martin-Till is the most trusted name in no-till.


Residue Clearing & Side Treader Wheels

Residue clearing wheels and side treader wheels clean crop residue, dirt clods and other obstacles from the row in order to improve:

  • Furrow cleaning, for improved seed-to-soil contact
  • Planter row unit ride, for less bounce and twisting of
  • Ease of disc v-opener cutting by lightly tilling the
    seed furrow
  • Consistency of emergence by allowing soil to warm
    up sooner



Smart Clean™ Row Cleaner Adjustment System

The exclusive Martin-Till® Smart Clean™ Row Cleaner Adjustment System combines a Bluetooth connection with an easy-to-use mobile app to allow the operator to raise and lower floating row units on the go by varying the amount of air pressure in the cylinders. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced row unit ride
  • Improved ability to properly clean the soil ahead of seed furrow to reduce residue in furrow
  • Wireless control allows for less equipment in the cab
  • 1 psi increments allow for more precise row
  • cleaner control
  • Eliminates dangerous, time-consuming manual row cleaner adjustments
  • Ability to lift up to reduce furrowing in loose soil or push down in heavy residue at the press of a button



Unit-Mounted Fertilizer Openers

Mounted rigidly to the row units, Martin-Till® Unit- Mounted Fertilizer Openers (UMOs) follow the row unit over undulating terrain to place crop nutrients at seed depth either one, two or three inches from the seed furrow. Features and benefits include:

  • Help meet 4R’s with fertilizer coulter on the planter
  • Integrated design with row cleaner at front of row unit
  • Low- to high-volume rate options
  • Single or dual placement. Dual UMOs allow for yield-enhancing 2 X 3 x 2 fertilizer application
  • Place nitrogen and fertilizer below soil surface toreduce off-site movement
  • Increase nutrient use efficiency, early-season vigorand yields



Speed Disc™ V-Openers

Opening the seed trench is a vital part of successful planting, and Martin-Till® Speed Discs combine unsurpassed quality and durability to deliver these key benefits:

  • Improved ability to hold the ideal V-Shape fur- row
  • The durability to stand up to heavy use with high-speed planting, contour planting, and sandy conditions
  • Longer wear life for better overall value
  • The flexibility to replace bearings or blades with interchangeable parts
  • Heavy Duty 15” 4mm Boron Blade
  • Fits XP style row units
  • Heavy Duty double row bearing with 3 lip seal



Spading Closing Wheels & Twisted Drag Chains

Often overlooked, proper row closing is a key component of a profitable planting program. Martin-Till® Spading Closing wheels and twisted drag chains help you seal the row for more consistent germination and emergence.

  • Close the seed furrow slot without compact- ing the soil surface
  • Reduce infiltration of light, water, air, or chemicals into seed germination zone
  • Fracture sidewall compaction to improve root development
  • Improve closing action in difficult cover crop situations by adding filler plates